Chaotic Conditions during the “march of 1000 crosses”

Last Saturday, May 11, the riot police in Munich broke a huge sweat. Because in addition to the around 100 well-behaved fundamentalist Christian assholes who overstrained both ears and eyes by their prayers and devote chants, around 300 counter protestors caused a stir, chaos, almost anarchy, in this otherwise so quiet city. They refused to be commanded but were always present at the route the fundamentalists wanted to take, looking for provocations, protest and road blockades. Apparently the cops had not expected such dynamics, they were understaffed and thus compensated this disadvantage by violence. They did not think twice but pushed people down, whacked them out of the way and made use of their batons. Despite of this power demonstration, a spontanous and un-denoted demonstration without any controlling police forces took the streets in the city center. Close to the Haus der Kunst around 20 people were able to block the road at a conveniently located narrowing of the road due to construction works. They were able to stop the march at least temporarily. Furthermore people insisted on insulting both the cops and the fundamentalists, kept chanting provocative slogans, and were able to constantly uphold a threatening presence. On the Luitpoldbridge, on which the Christian bootlickers always throw roses into the water, two persons nearly succeeded in throwing the roses and the pram in which the roses were kept into the Isar.
The attacks of the cops on a rally being held there by which several people were slightly violated riled up the spirit of resistance of the protestors even further. Until the end, the counterprotest remained uncontrollable and threatening. During the end, it was especially satisfying to notice the exhaustion of the cops which they were not able to hide anymore. They slogged along, limping, as if all the hatred for them would finally drag them to the ground.
Since so many people acted in an uncontrollable and unforseeable manner a space was created making interventions possible, which was made use of from time to time. Let’s take with us the verve and the dynamics from this experience so next time we will be able to create more militance and more chaos!