Finishing Europe Off

When I hear the word “Europe” or “EU”, inevitably I have to think about people who are drowning, people in camps, people who are put in prisons, who are tortured and shot dead, people who are abducted, people who are brutally suppressed, humiliated and dehumanized in all ways imaginable and unimaginable. The EU represents all this, at the moment nothing is more important for the EU than the “protection” of its borders. All this has always been an inherent part of the European idea. Even the National Socialists dreamed of a “Fortress Europe”, under command of Germany it should a pose a bulwark against attacks from the outside. When speaking about the EU or Europe one has to be aware that these terms mean torture, murder, and deportations as well.

In different European cities there are going to be mass rallies this Sunday – “for Europe” and “against nationalism”.
The organizers want to protest under the phony slogan “One Europe for all”. Ironically, among them there are a lot of nation state parties that are jointly responsible for the inhuman European foreign policy (anybody still surprised by that?). For them, this demonstration just one week ahead of the European elections might be most welcome canvassing.

However, the proclamation of this political alliance already shows that it is not about a “Europe for all”. Not the abolishion of all borders is claimed but merely that all refugees should be entitled to a “fair asylum procedure”. Well, thank you very much. It reminds me of the invention of the guillotine for “more humane” executions.
Who could possibly still be surprised by the fact that the alliance demands a “defense” of the “constitutional state” as well? Maybe the slogan “for national states, against nationalism” would have been more suitable.
At least this slogan would have brought to light the contradiction between the verbal embellishment and the true facts.

For me it seems absurd, to expect anything else from the European idea than exactly this these brutal and disgusting crimes taking place at the EU borders, even when thinking in the boundaries of national states. The EU emerged as a political-economic union for preserving common interests.
By definition, the representation of interests of people from different origins is not part of it. On the contrary: Europe profits more than any other region in the world from the exploitation and suppression of people from the global South. The economic prosperity we experience today would not have been feasable without them or at least not in this form. However, because the misery connected to our wealth is not be found right next to us, it is easy for us to turn a blind eye to it. People in Europe have created a whole range of of ideological justifications: Racist and neo-colonial mindsets, the principle of the birthright, the principle of caritative help, which eventually always serves to sustain the current conditions. All those are mechanisms used to collectively blank out the enormous misery created by the geopolitcal and economical efforts of the European national states. But only because this disregarding behavior works more or less this does not mean that the misery ceases to exist. Only because people like to persuade themselves that the European idea is a progessive one, and that a better Europe is possible, the fact that Europe is just a tranformation of existing power relations into a new dimension does not simply vanish.

To put it in a nutshell: Whoever is seriously interested in abolishing murder, torture and deportations should be aware of the fact that this is only possible by the destruction of all governmental power. Because every border kills humans.